Post GIF Status on Facebook 2017

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In this tutorial you will see how to post GIFs as Facebook status with a voice over.

Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t support GIFs natively in 2017, so we will use giphy (No logins required).

It’s easy to get your GIF to timeline on Facebook and we will be using an Android Facebook mobile app, but it should be the same on IOS as well.

Short and sweet as usual! I hope it’s useful

How to post GIF on your timeline on Facebook Android?

  1. Go to Giphy and hit upload (No logins needed!)
  2. Select your Gif or video from your device
  3. Add description
  4. Once giphy stops processing, grab the URL of your new Gif from the browser
  5. Go to your Facebook App
  6. Start writing your post
  7. Paste the gif URL (tab & hold) – Don’t worry about the ugly link, it won’t show up when the post goes to your timeline.
  8. Write description
  9. Hit “post”, and now you are entertaining you friends with a gif loop.

Here us a video showing the same steps:

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