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Temporary Profile Picture on Facebook Mobile (Android)



Sometimes you want to set up a profile picture only for short time for an event or celebration. Below I’ll guide you how to set up  set up temporary profile pictures on Facebook mobile (Android). Step-by-step guide to set temporary profile picture on FB: 1. Go to your profile by tapping on your picture 2…. Read More

Add Video As Profile Picture Facebook Android 2017


How to set up Facebook video profile picture? No worries you can do it in 1 minute, and you will have video profile picture on Facebook. This is only available on Facebook mobile apps Steps to set a video as your profile picture on Facebook In the timeline, tap on profile picture tap on your… Read More

Unfollow a friend or page on Facebook in 2017


I’ll show you how to unfollow a friend or a page on Facebook, so that you won’t see their posts on your timeline, but you remain friends without them knowing that you did it. Steps to unfollow a friend or a page on Facebook Go to your friend’s timeline Below the cover photo, find drop… Read More

Post GIF Status on Facebook 2017


In this tutorial you will see how to post GIFs as Facebook status with a voice over. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t support GIFs natively in 2017, so we will use giphy (No logins required). It’s easy to get your GIF to timeline on Facebook and we will be using an Android Facebook mobile app, but it should… Read More

Facebook logout on Android


Quick tutorial to show you where to find Facebook logout on your Android phone. This tutorial is done on Android, but it should work on iPhone (IOS) as well. If you had difficulties finding the logout button, you are not alone, Facebook hid this feature well. It took me sometime to find how to logout from… Read More

Hide Birthday in Facebook Android


This video shows you how to hide your birthday in Facebook on Android device. This is similar to desktop but with some differences. There are many reasons why you want to hide birthday on Facebook Android, but you should keep the day / month if you want to get birthday wishes from your friends and family…. Read More

Hide Birthday in Facebook


I’ll show you how to hide birthday in Facebook on desktop. It’s not too tricky, but Facebook likes to hide things under sub-navigation, nonetheless, it’s sometimes hard to find and change your birthday. How to hide birthday in Facebook Go to your profile Click on “Update Info”, which is one of the buttons over your… Read More