Hello Internet people!

Welcome to PunchSalad, a place where small business website owners & webmasters like you, can find straightforward & entertaining tutorials, insights and inspiration about running and growing your online business and online presence.

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My name is Robert, and you can contact me here on PunchSalad or on my TipsWithPunch Youtube channel.

On this website and on my youtube channel you will learn how to run and maintain your web business including the website setup, tracking users, getting people to your website, monetizing your traffic and retaining people on your website.

This channel is for you if you are running a website and need help with website tools but you are tired of those frustrating tutorials that waste your time with unnecessary talk and long loading pages. I Hate loaders!

Why I started this?

Some time ago I was like you, just working hard and long hours on my website, you know to the point when you get a bit of pain in your lower back and stiffness in your shoulders, just from sitting too long.

I was trying to set up and run my own website, and you know how it all goes well until you hit a problem or you don’t know how to achieve something on your website.

You go to youtube and try to learn how to solve your problem, and you end up watching 5 videos, where 4 of them don’t even have a voice over and on top of that it doesn’t even work.

You know those that have notepad as an explanation of the steps. Oh the frustration, I can still fill it building up. So much wasted time for nothing. I just wanted to do this:

That’s when I decided to create this channel, where I want to collect how-to videos to help you solve your web related problems, with a straightforward – no BS videos with a bit of fun mixed in.

So if you want to get regular updates, subscribe to my YouTube channel. See you there!

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