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Welcome to PunchSalad, a place where small business website owners & webmasters like you, can find straightforward & entertaining tutorials, insights and inspiration about running and growing your online business and online presence.

My name is Robert, and you can contact me here on PunchSalad or on my TipsWithPunch Youtube channel.

On this website and on my youtube channel you will learn how to run and maintain your web business including the website setup, tracking users, getting people to your website, monetizing your traffic and retaining people on your website.

This channel is for you if you are running a website and need help with website tools but you are tired of those frustrating tutorials that waste your time with unnecessary talk and long loading pages. I Hate loaders!

Why I started this?

Some time ago I was like you, just working hard and long hours on my website, you know to the point when you get a bit of pain in your lower back and stiffness in your shoulders, just from sitting too long.

I was trying to set up and run my own website, and you know how it all goes well until you hit a problem or you don’t know how to achieve something on your website.

You go to youtube and try to learn how to solve your problem, and you end up watching 5 videos, where 4 of them don’t even have a voice over and on top of that it doesn’t even work.

You know those that have notepad as an explanation of the steps. Oh the frustration, I can still fill it building up. So much wasted time for nothing. I just wanted to do this:

That’s when I decided to create this channel, where I want to collect how-to videos to help you solve your web related problems, with a straightforward – no BS videos with a bit of fun mixed in.

So if you want to get regular updates, subscribe to my YouTube channel. See you there!

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. I make helpful tutorials, so tip me maybe?

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23 thoughts on “About PunchSalad

  1. Ankur Jagani

    Hi Dear,

    I have followed all your instructions and video step by step. I have a domain from GoDaddy and Hosting Server from BigRock. Following all the steps correctly, I’m facing this problem every time. It will be a great help If you can get a li’l time for me.

    I will give you my TeamViewer id If you require to check exact problem I have.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. md sanzid


    i have followed your instruction and tutorial very helpful and understandable .

    if you don’t mind i have faced a problem.
    how can i clean up any type of virus from wordpress and remove warning and red alerts?

  3. Harpreet

    Hello Robert,
    Thanks for your excellent videos. Actually i followed your instruction for SSL certificate, it worked well but unfortunately my fonts got changed. Could you please suggest me what to do?
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  4. Nikhil S. Pawar

    Respected sir,

    Sir, I am a fan of your youtube videos, sir, I am living in India sir, I can not afford WordPress hosting so I set up my blog with “Blogger.com and Purchase Domain from Google domain…since sir, I am a non-coder and want to earn money. please help me, sir…

    Your admirer
    Please reply to me, dear sir, your suggestion will really help me to set up my career…Thank you, sir, for reading me.

    1. Robert

      Hi Nikhil, thanks for the kind words about my youtube channel.

      I’ll be honest, I think making money with a website is pretty hard.
      You need a lot of traffic to make money from ads. If you have a store with a product then it’s a bit more feasible, but again you will need to get people on the website.

      Also try to think about your mindset, don’t think how to make money, but rather how can you add value to people. Once you are valuable money will come. But you have to be useful to other people. Here is a nice video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJwpmMo18vE

      I hope this helps,

  5. George Elliott

    Hi Robert,

    You were very helpful to me last week in guiding me through installing a wildcard SSL certificate. Can you help me again with another project?

    I am trying to position a main div x% in and % down. This hovering div is a flexbox div that has 4 divs side-by-dide as I want the 4 divs to be responsive and to overlap 2 background images. The 4 divs will mainly have words in them. I have coded the divs using relative and absolute. So, when I make the page smaller the boxes get narrower and taller. However, as these divs are literally outside of everything, they also overlap the footer and any text I have below them. I have searched the web and Youtube for hours, but no one seems to cover how I can get the main div or the 4 divs to push everything below them, downwards. Hope you can help. I have used flexbox instead of grid as I want the boxes to grow longer. When the width gets to 576px I have put in a media query for the boxes to stack on top of each other.

    I hope you can help and many thanks.


  6. Nicola

    Hi Robert,
    you have great youtube tutorials. Maybe a little help with wordpress. How to show me the same page content but headline different city… Any plugins,… Thanks advance and kind regards.

  7. Mark

    Hi Robert,
    Love your youtube videos.
    Can you please help me one small feature?
    Am trying to find our how I can add a search bar in my WordPress website, like in this website:

    So in this website, they are showing if the services are available in particular area or not. I want to have something similar in which I want to have a table at the dashboard which I can edit anytime and the search bar shows the availability.

    Can you please tell me which widget or plugin is it? Or how can I incorporate this in my WordPress website?
    This will be very helpful.

    Thank you in advance.



  8. victor okb

    Hi Robert, I just built a website using your instructions from your videos. However, I noticed this error message today when I tried visiting the website. Any suggestions.
    PS: I did some troubleshooting on the plugins thinking it might be a plugin issue but it remained the same.

    Warning: require(/home/chelisbkz/public_html/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-block-renderer-controller.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/chelisbkz/public_html/wp-settings.php on line 265

    Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘/home/chelisbkz/public_html/wp-includes/rest-api/endpoints/class-wp-rest-block-renderer-controller.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/alt/php70/usr/share/pear’) in /home/chelisbkz/public_html/wp-settings.php on line 265

    1. Robert

      Hi Victor, this sounds like something went wrong in your WordPres core files (especially with the rest-api). Are you able to update or reinstall WordPress? (please back up what you have before you do anything, just incase)


  9. dave

    would be so i debted if we can chat fir a few. trying to finish the first of a “suite of sites” in the acute care area. sooooooo stuck at one point and cant move on…..will gladly donate to the paypal.


    btw your videos are awesome, great creativity


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