On Page SEO for Beginners (and New Websites)

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I’ll show you my tips for On Page SEO for beginners and new websites that took several of my articles to first page of Google, even though I had a very small website at the time. And I’m outranking much better-known websites.

First I’ll take you through a checklist that you should keep close when you write an article.

Then I’ll explain how to write a high-quality content step by step. And in the end, I’ll show you an example of my keyword research & topic ideation process for new articles.


Links to Brian Dean from Backlinko Youtube & SEO Blog:

Alright, in general I like to categories SEO in 3 different categories. On-page SEO, Technical SEO & Off-site SEO. Technically on-page SEO includes technical SEO, but I think they are very different from each other so I like to keep them separate.

In this video, we will take a look specifically at the on-page SEO and content that ranks. So text & rich media which you have to have to rank high on Google. There other 2 categories I’ll cover in separate videos.


This SEO video in summary:

  1. On page best practices

– Make your keyword first words in TITLE TAG

– Short URLs

– Include modifiers in your title

– Make sure your MAIN TITLE has h1 heading

– Use multimedia a lot

– Utilize h2, h3, h4 headings

– Mention your keyword in the first 100 words

– Use outbound links

– Use internal links

– Check that you’ve include enough LSI keywords

– Compress images

– Write long articles

  1. Write content that ranks

– Concentrate on niches and long tail keywords

– Think what user expect to see

– Skyscraper

– User first mentality

  1. Walkthrough of my keyword research process and ideation for On-page SEO for new websites



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