Best Logo Makers In 2021 – 5 Top Logo Creator (Free & Paid)

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Hello Internet People,

In this article, I’ll show you the best logo maker websites in 2021. I’ve compared 19 different tools, and I’ll show you the top 5 logo creator tools so you can choose the right design tool for you. Free and paid tools are included at the end of this review.

A logo is an essential part of every business or organization. It is most people’s first contact with a particular business and can be used to convey the brand of a business or organization to people. Creating high-quality logos isn’t easy though, and usually requires skilled professionals. 

Thankfully, several platforms provide logo-making services. Searching for “logo makers” shows us the myriad of tools available. To make selecting a good one easier, I decided to try out some of them. After reviewing 19 logo makers, both free and paid, I then listed below the best logo makers in 2021. See the full list of the 19 logo makers I reviewed, at the end of the article.

To rank each platform, I made use of three characteristics; usability(10 points), icon library(10 points), and pricing(5 points). Usability refers to how easy it is to use the included features, icon library refers to the quality and quantity of the icons in the tool’s library, while pricing refers to how affordable the tool is. Above $50 is 1/5, while a free tool is 5/5.

Prefer video? No problemo! You can check out my video tutorial below.

Best Logo Maker in 2021 – 19 Websites Comparison (Free + Paid) – Tipswithpunch Youtube Channel


Starting from the bottom, the fifth item on the list is Like a lot of other logo makers, Logomaster presents you with a variety of logos for you to choose a logo style you like. This is after selecting the category your use case falls into(personal  branding, product branding, and startups, companies, and organizations, etc.)

Select Logo Reference - - Image 1

From there it takes you to another page where you select the color tone you prefer. Thereafter you choose a slogan(optional) and an icon(or icons). The icons are grouped into various categories, making it easy to find a suitable one. You can also search for a keyword to find a suitable icon.

Add Icon - - Image 2

Logomaster then generates proposals for your logo after clicking See result. You can edit any of the proposals you select to your taste. 

Add Icon - - Image 3

The editor allows you to change font family, font size, colors, layout, and so on.

Add Icon - - Image 4

The logos aren’t free though. The basic package, as at the time of writing this article, costs $15, while the premium costs $35.

Score: 19/25  (Usability: 9/10, Icon Library: 7/10, Pricing: 3/5)

4. Designevo

Just above Logomaster is Designevo. Designevo is another logo maker that’s very easy and intuitive to use. Right off the bat, you’re presented with a wide range of logo templates grouped under several categories. They are so many of them that you might get overwhelmed.

Designevo - Logos - Image 1

When you hover over a template, you can select Similar which presents you with a new set of logos similar to the one your cursor was over, or you select Customize which takes you to the design editor.

Designevo - Logos - Image 2

The design editor is well laid out and intuitive to use. You can add shapes, text, icons, backgrounds and modify each of these elements to your liking. Once you’re done, you click on the Download button at top of the editor. Designevo is a paid tool and costs $24.99 for the basic package, and $49.99 for the premium package(as at the time of writing this article).
Score: 19/25  (Usability: 8/10, Icon Library: 9/10, Pricing: 2/5)

3. Looka

Moving to the third on the list, we have Looka. Looka is one of the best logo design website for people who don’t really know how to design things. To generate a suitable logo for you, Looka requests for your brand name, category(restaurant, web design, consulting, etc), logo templates you like, theme color, and slogan(optional). 

Each of these things is requested one after the other. For the final step, you select the symbol categories you want your logo to reflect. Once that is done, Looka generates several suggestions for you. You can then select the one you like to customize.

Looka - Logo Maker - Image 1

Looka’s editor is quite unlike other editors on the list.  You cannot manually edit the layout like the other logo makers in the article. Instead, it generates several layouts for you to choose from, and allows you to make small modifications like size and alignment changes.

Looka - Logo Maker - Image 2

Nevertheless, you can adjust other things such as the background, symbol, text, font size, font type, and color. Looka has a large icon library with good-looking icons. It is also one of the few logo makers that generate letter logos.

When you’re done editing, click download at the top of the editor.  You can preview the logo in various contexts such as letterhead, business card, website, and so on. Looka is a paid tool and has a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 for the basic package and $7.99 for the premium package as at the time this article was written.
Score: 21/25  (Usability: 9/10, Icon Library: 9/10, Pricing: 3/5)

2. Fiverr

Fiverr isn’t actually a logo maker, but a freelance platform. It offers various services such as website design, technical writing, data entry, and logo design. To get started, you visit the website and search for the service you’re interested in. In this case, logo design.

Fiverr - Logo Maker - Image 1

You’ll be presented with several gigs to choose from. You can filter the gigs by budget and delivery time to suit your requirement. One of the great things about developing a logo through Fiverr is that you do not have to deal with any of the design processes. All you have to do is provide the seller with your requirements, answer a few questions, and your logo would be ready in a couple of days.

Fiverr - Logo Maker - Image 2

Unlike the other tools above, Fiverr logo services have a wide price range, but you can get a good PNG logo for about $11 and a good vector logo for around $40. While that might seem high, it is definitely worth it considering your logo is being designed for you. You can check out this video for a comparison of logos created by Fiverr sellers at different prices.
Score: 21/25  (Usability: 10/10, Icon Library: 8/10, Pricing: 3/5)

1. Canva

Canva - Logo Maker - Image 1

Canva is a dedicated design tool developed for creating various graphics designs, logos included. Besides logos, it is also used to create infographics, ads, YouTube thumbnails, social media posts, and so on.

Canva - Logo Maker - Image 2

Canva comes with a lot of templates for you to get started designing immediately. You can decide to start your logo from scratch as well. The design editor is very easy to use and has several tools to enable the user to create new logos or customize existing templates. 

Canva - Logo Maker - Image 3

You also have access to a lot of free elements which you can include in your design. Not all available elements are free though. Some of them are paid and cost about a dollar. Nevertheless, most features on Canva are available to you for free.

Canva - Logo Maker - Image 4

The free account doesn’t offer a transparent background for PNGs though. But that can be remedied by using a tool for removing backgrounds.  You just have to make sure the color of the background while designing in Canva is different from that of the logo you created. 

If you prefer having access to all of Canva’s features, you can pay for their monthly subscription which costs about $12.99 at the time this article was written.
Score: 21/25  (Usability: 10/10, Icon Library: 8/10, Pricing: 3/5)

Honorable Mention – Squarespace

While Squarespace didn’t quite make the top 5, it deserves a mention because of its ease of use and simplicity. Unlike Canva that offers a freemium service, Squarespace is completely free. It’s the best free logo maker of the 19 tools. To get started creating with Squarespace, you input the name of the company or brand. On submitting that, you’re taken to a page where you search for the icon you want for your logo. 

Honorable Mention - Squarespace Logo - Image 1

Squarespace has a lot of icons in its library, though they are all quite basic. Submitting a search query takes you to the logo editor where you can select an icon from the search results. Squarespace’s editor is quite limited in its capability. You can move elements around, resize them and change colors, but that’s pretty much all you can do. For texts, you can change the font weight, style, color, size, and family.

Honorable Mention - Squarespace Logo - Image 2

Once you’re done editing, you can save and download the logo for free with or without a background depending on your preference.

Score: 21/25  (Usability: 5/10, Icon Library: 7/10, Pricing: 5/5)

So there you go, the best logo makers in 2021. Do note that while I personally tried out each of the tools above(and the others below), the scores given are just an indication of how good the tools are. Some of the criteria are quite subjective, so take the ranking with a grain of salt. For a review of all 19 tools, you can check out this article.

List Of Logo Makers Reviewed

  1. Canva (Free): 
  2. Fiverr:
  3. Looka: 
  4. DesignEvo:
  5. Logomaster:
  6. Squarespace (Free):
  7. Tailorbrands: 
  8. Placeit:
  9. LogoCrisp: 
  10. LogoMakr: 
  11. Wix: 
  12. heHoth (Free):
  13. LogoMaker:
  15. BrandCrowd: 
  16. Ucraft: 
  17. Mybrandnewlogo: 
  18. Shopify: 
  19. DesignHill:

That was it folks! I hope you can find some value from these tool, and see you in my next article, Ciao!

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