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WordPress tips and tutorials ranging from installation of plugins, to debugging issues.


Free WordPress SSL Certificate with Cloudflare – Works on any hosting

Install free WordPress SSL Certificate with Cloudflare


Hello Internet people, I’ll show you how to set up a free WordPress SSL certificate with CloudFlare. This will work on any hosting. All you need is access to your domain DNS settings, which 99% of the domain providers allow. When you complete this Tutorial you will have a little green padlock next to your… Read More

WordPress Anchor Link: How to Add a Smooth Page Scroll

WordPress anchor link


Hello Internet People! I’ll show you two ways of how to add a WordPress anchor link (or some people call it to jump link or page jump) to your post, and this will work also on pages and menus. Also, I’ll reveal how to reach the anchor from another page. 1. We will add custom… Read More

How to get a YouTube API Key for WordPress Plugins

get youtube api key


Hello Internet People, did you just install a WordPress plugin for YouTube videos, but now you realized that you need a YouTube API key to properly use the plugin? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to generate an API key (or as some refer to it as API secret or Access Token), how to… Read More

How To Speed Up WordPress with Plugins

Speed Up WordPress with Plugins


Hello Internet People, are you looking to speed up WordPress with plugins? Because your website loads extremely slow. You wait and wait until you just give up and go somewhere else. Even if it’s your own website! According to Google, if your site loads longer than 3 seconds on mobile, 53% of the users will… Read More

3 Effective Ways to Backup WordPress Site

Backup WordPress Site


Hello Internet people! Did you know that if you regularly backup your WordPress site, it will save you from feeling like this? In this article, I’ll show you 3 ways you can backup WordPress site. Here is how to restore a backup, if that’s what you are looking for. Use free WordPress plugin called Updraftplus,… Read More

Install WordPress on Addon Domain Godaddy

install wordpress addon domain godaddy


I’ll show you how to Install WordPress on addon Domain in Godaddy and cPanel. It won’t take long! I’ll be using cpanel for addon domain set up, so this should work on hostgator, siteground, bluehost or any other hosting provider that has cPanel. If you cannot add addon domains in cPanel, try below steps for… Read More

Addon Domain in Godaddy Cpanel (2017)


I’ll show you how to setup addon domain in Godaddy in 2017. It’s easy to host multiple websites on one hosting account in Godaddy, and can be accomplished in few minutes. To host multiple domains, you will need to check that your subscription includes option for multiple domains. Godaddy Deluxe & Ultimate plans include unlimited… Read More